My Daytripper Experience by Vania Chiozzini

Hello everybody!

I am an Italian student and I have been living in Liverpool for almost two months. I have been studying English in LILA, an incredible experience which I would recommend to everybody.

During this period in LILA, I had the possibility to participate in four different trips, thanks to Daytripper, a fantastic organization which organises weekly trips.

I would like to start with my first journey: it was the trip to Conwy Castle and Llandudno. I had never been in Wales before and I found that the trip was really exciting! In the morning, we visited the castle, which was impressive. From the highest tower of the castle, we experienced a breathtaking view of the whole town. In the afternoon,

we visited Llandudno, where I saw amazing landscapes and a wonderful beach. The tourist guides were extremely professional and friendly at the same time. Although I didn’t know anyone, because it was my first week in England, the trip allowed me to socialize with lots of people and meet my current friends.











The week after, my second journey was the trip to the Lake District. It is one of the most wonderful view places in England. Unfortunately, the weather was not so good, but we enjoyed walking along the river, surrounded by the nature.








In addition to this, I spent an entire weekend in Edinburgh as third trip. We left Liverpool on Saturday morning and we came back on Sunday evening. It was the trip I enjoyed the most, because we had more time to visit the city. I had never been in Scotland before and, thanks to the guides’ exhaustive explanations and interactive quiz games, I learned a lot of information about the Scottish culture. After having visited the most important places in Edinburgh, including the castle and the fantastic view of the city from that point, we went to a famous restaurant and I tried the typical Scottish food! The so called “haggis” was delicious!!! After that, we spent the night into a traditional Scottish pub, trying to learn local dances. It was so amusing and I am happy because there I tried typical whisky for the first time!!!









Finally, my last journey was the trip to York. We had lot of fun listening to the tourist guides, socializing among us and taking memorable pictures of one of the most incredible cities I have seen in England.


To sum up, it is quite difficult to choose one trip as my favorite one, because I am extremely satisfied with all the four trips I took part in. Now, I am looking forward to joining other trips and I strongly recommend Daytripper to everybody, particularly to those people who are keen on travels because I think Daytripper gives us the possibility to experience the beauty of several interesting cities and extraordinary well known spots.

Thank you very much

Vania x

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